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The fastest way to build data analytics for your SaaS using AI

EnqDB enables your customers to interact with their data conversationally, visualize insights, and construct dashboards using everyday language.

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Production ReadyTonight

Database Connected in Seconds!

Connect to a variety of SQL databases or warehouses through cloud-based or self-hosted options. Additionally, we offer support for loading data directly in-browser via API.


Your data, our mastery: Custom LLM in a day

Obtain a production-ready LLM, fully trained on your database, in under 24 hours. Deploy your model effortlessly with just one click and begin translating natural language into SQL. Accelerate your project timeline by deploying a fully trained LLM in less than a day. Streamline the conversion of natural language to SQL queries with minimal engineering effort.


Lightning-fast front-end crafting.

Harness the power of our pre-built UI toolkit. Modify components, color schemes, typography, graphical representations, and more using our intuitive no-code platform. Fine-tune your UI with custom CSS for flawless design precision.


One line of code, endless data power unleashed.

Develop your data feature once and distribute it across all users effortlessly. Utilize web components or iFrames for simple embedding. Let EnqDB manage AI, UI, charting, access controls, RLHF, security, and scaling seamlessly.


All-in-One Brilliance

A Single Solution for Your Every Need Elevate Your Experience To Unprecedented Heights!

Cloud & Self Hosted

Highly scalable

Conversation analytics

Highly secured

Row level security

Embedded with Ease

Keyword indexing

Fast dashboard

Massively Parallel Processing

Controlled LLM SQL generation

Built by Developers for Developers

Train Your model in a Day

Transforming the analytical landscape: Join hands for a data-driven SaaS revolution powered by AI.